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Welcome to the Parkourcraft official website.


Explore have fun and give the server a visit to!

 Meet the owners:

[Owner] Boris_Bond (J0sh0nat0r)
[Co-Owner] BUDDERWARRIORY (Spiderman)
[Co-Owner] oli_oli_creeper (Oli_da_boss)
[Co-Owner]  titch3 dave 

To get the latest news then please consider getting a member account to use chatroom, mesages and uze the forums, or if you want to help the server greatly then do have a look at the mod applications to see if your worth enough to join the team! 
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26th Mar oli_oli_creeper created a new topic big riperino
server is big dead the end
26th Mar oli_oli_creeper replied to the topic New gamemodes
you say that because im forcing you to say that init
26th Mar oli_oli_creeper
sesh one lads, the server died ages ago and is a big rip gg
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